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WVO Generator Project
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Coming soon.  I am converting a Lister CS Diesel to WVO

Listeroid arrieves!

Here it is!


Me about to pop the Cherry!

My buddy Hanan along for the laughs!


I like to get naked when I uncrate!





So green!

This is the inside of the brand new exhaust baffle.  I think that is a protective layer of rust from the Indian factory!

Here is my 8KW ST gen head.  I am repainting it from Chinese Blue to Indian Green to match the
engine's stylish good looks!

The Listeroid is still sitting in my garage, waiting for its first start up.
Like a child's searching game, lets see if we can spot all the little things WVO related in the picture?

  1. Centrifugal pump with WVO inside of the tubes
  2. Propane heater used for warming my 275 gallon WVO storage tank
  3. Power washer
  4. bag of Oil Absorbent
  5. Huge Fram air filter in the trash, used for filtration experimentation
  6. Pure VO in a container in the front, next to the lid with dirty VO
  7. WVO all over the floor and everywhere you look

see what else you can find :)

ME with a torch!

Me with a MIG and a smirk!

I am making a few practice cuts before I attempt the real cut in the I beam.  This will be the
frame for the engine and gen head.  I got this and almost all my stock from the scrap yard.
It would have been pricy to buy new stock of this size and weight.


Here is my frame fabrication.  This is the generator sub frame that will slide on the main frame.

No one told me that the fly wheels hang lower than the engine base!  See above picture, those
wooden blocks are needed for the engine to sit and spin.  I did not design the frame
for this fact. Some quick redesign was needed.  I had some big ass square metal tubing that
I cut down to size (20 minutes per cut on this hardened stock!)  I

I got some long, square tubes from the scrap yard, so I need to paint them black and "perdy"!


Here is my newly painted ST head sitting on the sliding frame for the first time.  I had to make
sure my measurements for the sub frame and frame were correct. They were not. I repeated
until they were correct.

Getting the engine up high enough to mount was a bitch and a half.  It is a heavy thing.  Four men
can NOT lift it - at least me and three of my friends can't.  Maybe your friends are stronger,
but mine are stupid enough to try to help me in my greasy garage for free!

Got her in the frame with the square tubes!

Here is a picture of the first sitting, to make sure the measurements were all correct.  It fit nicely.

Here is the non-functioning crankcase valve with all the Indian quality.  I had to polish and reshape it



6/13/06 I finally got the engine started!

See Hi Resolution MPG of me starting the Lister for the first time! ( 14.2MB)

See Listeroid Movie


6/17/06 I finally ran my big Air Conditioner on Vegetable Oil

See 2 different 15 second videos of me generating electricity to power a huge 220v air conditioner from the Listroid, while running SVO (straight Vegetable Oil)

The project is far from finished, but this was an important proof of concept milestone. 

I ran this large, 220v beast, along with a 500 watt light bulb, with tons of power to spare.  I switched from diesel to straight Soy oil, and after a little while, when the fuel in the lines and filter were burned off, the pleasant smell of French fries filled the air.  I am thinking however, it would be more effective to put the air conditioner in the house rather than try to cool down the drive way :)


See Veggie Listeroid Movie 1

See Veggie Listeroid Movie 2



More to come.....


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